What is the deal on Tipping?

What is the deal on Tipping?

You already paid the majority of your trip expenses. However, gratuities for guides and drivers are not included in the price of your tour. We, therefore, offer the following Tipping Guidelines

Tipping Guidelines
(per person, per day unless otherwise stated)


* We generally recommend the larger tip between per person and group minimum.

E.g. for a Driver: 2 pax: $7.5/person ($15 total) | 20 pax group: $3/person ($60 total)



Driver:   $3+   (group minimum per day: $15)*

Hotels:   $2+

Restaurants:   $1+ or 10%


Tour guide:   $5+   (group minimum per day: $25)

Local guide:   $3+   (group minimum per day: $15)

Wilderness Camping Support Team: $3+   (group minimum per day: $20)