How can I book a tour?

How can I book a tour?

Small Group Adventures:

  1. Go to the page of the tour you like
  2. Click book now
  3. Follow the booking process
If you have questions you can contact us.

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    • Will I share a room? Can I book my own room?

      If you do not book the single supplement and there is another traveler of the same gender on the group tour, then we will pair you in a room with them. If you would like your own room and you are a single traveler then you should book the "single ...
    • Will there be other women on my tour?

      Our Small Group Adventures are roughly 60% female travelers so there is a very good chance that there will be other women on your tour.
    • What if my group tour is not guaranteed yet and the trip date is nearing?

      We have worked hard to ensure that we rarely cancel tours. Most of our tours have a minimum of just two people so, much lower than the industry average.  However in the rare instance that a trip is not confirmed yet, we will contact you with options ...
    • Will there be cellphone reception and wifi on my tour?

      Wifi is available: in all hotels in most Bedouin camps before 10 pm (afterward the generators are turned off and electricity goes out. Cell reception: If you have a local data plan or have enabled roaming, cell reception is available Mostly ...
    • How can I find our if there is space available on a trip?

      On all of our "Small Group Adventures" tour pages, we have the tour dates & availability at the bottom of the page. In that section you can find the tour price(s), start & end dates, spaces available, and you can book your tour from there.